What Kind of World


All songs by Brendan Benson except “On the Fence” by Brendan Benson & Ashley Monroe and “Thru the Ceiling” by Brendan Benson & Jay Joyce

Brad Pemberton: drums and percussion
Ken Stringfellow: keys and bass
Jon Auer: guitars and bass
Sam Farrar: bass, guitars and ambience
Mark Watrous: guitars, bass and keys
Andrew Higley: keys
Billy Livsey: keys
Pete Finney: pedal steel
Ashley Monroe: vocals
Jay Joyce: guitars
Young Hines: vocals
Jon-Paul Frappier: trumpet
Max Abrams: alto and baritone saxophone
Mitch Reilly: tenor saxophone

Additional vocals on “No One Else but You” by Neil O’Neil, Luke Skidmore and Tyler Jones,

Produced by Brendan Benson
Engineered by Joe Costa
Mixed by Brendan Benson and Chris Mara
Assistant Engineer Greg Thompson
Mastered by Tommy Wiggins

Recorded and Mixed in Nashville, Tennessee at Welcome to 1979

Photography by Jo McCaughey
Artwork by Miles Johnson

Thank you,

Brittany Benson, Emily White, Chris Mara and Welcome to 1979, Jeremy Lascelles, Frank Riley & High Road Touring, Green Hills Wine, Marna Taylor, John Davis, Senator Tom Pappas, Dabnie James, Matt Garrison, Andrew Higley, John Strohm, Jeff Leven, David Macias, Kim Buie, Parker Nusbickel & Thirty Tigers, Andrew Campbell, Chris Vinyard, Scott Cresto, LeeAnn Hard, Chris Estes and Endless Analog, Dexter Green, Yoli Mara, ATR Magnetics, Vox, Jason Koonz, Brad Bowden, Folktek, Billy Mercer, Gretsch Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, and Pro Mark Drumsticks.

For My Beautiful Boy, Declan Buck Benson